Acrostic poem

ope is not enough to make a dream exist

n the ground you should work and resist

ntil it comes true to make your delight

awn will appear whatever the night

nd sun will bring a new daylight


e righteous and head away to the day

n which humans will be ready to deny

gliness of selfishness from their way

indness is the guarantee for happiness

ltruism might chase turmoil and distress

how the world your heartiness and willingness

how your magnanimity free from meanness

f those who give just for usefulness

gliness won’t be easy to chase away

et’s all unite to deny our selfishness

nd fight to settle peace and happiness.




Lost identity

Once upon a time

A pretty rural girl left home

To take part in a game

She thought will proudly lead her

To easy wealth and fame

All she thought will change

Was the way she dressed

The way she walked

And the way she talked

Never thinking it would change

The way she thought

Or the way she felt

Ignoring her siblings

When passing by

Unwilling to see her father

Before he dies

Stabbed her past with a sharp sword

Trying eagerly to change her world

Climbing the mountain

She was so proud

To the summit

She was bound

Resorting to facelift

When it was time

Losing the battle

Against the time

She knew the shame

In front of her mirror

She lost her face

With a distorted identity

She lost her dignity

Knowing no shelter

From the shame

But under that dome

She once called home

Arriving there

She saw a pool

Her mother dug

Around her home

And filled with tears like a fool

Not caring about

Losing her sight

When she got nearer

The blind mother called her

I can’t miss your smell

Soul of my soul

To come back to my lap

Swim in my pool

The only way

To wash your soul.



When nights got dark
I have never felt afraid
To my bed I went straight
Not to sleep or get a rest
It was just to be able to sink
In profound slumber and dreams
Where I could weave fanciful stories
And make hypotheses and antitheses
In order to flee the harsh reality

Then I grew up to realize that

Dreamers in this world are the flowers

Blossoming over a volcanic land

They are like the gentle breeze

Refreshing a hot day in summer

Amidst wars and turmoil’s depression

Their dreams sparkle as stars over a wasteland

They nourish a desperate imagination

Of the human soul in isolation

Trying to prove its signification

And fit in a world of lust and passion

Dreamers are gifted with that fascination

Able to harmonize severed hearts

Between body and soul demands

In the sweetest reconciliation:

A dream waiting for realization.


Romancing Winds

I have always done my best
To tidy up my life events
And put its details in a set
Winds of your romance blew suddenly
dispersing each detail apart

Scattering new fresh events

Like daisies sprinkled in a forest

Bringing spring to my heart’s desert

If my logic breeze didn’t disturb

The array of your life events
My exotic romance scents

Will certainly perfume your nights
The rain that quenches a plant in desert
Can certainly water a tree in a forest
And revive a dying flower in a pot.




A happy young girl
Was in her family a pearl
Dreamt of a white dress
To fulfill her happiness
The prince who liked her softness
Offered her to become his princess
Quickly her family showed acceptance
When the girl entered his palace
Her pleasure was tremendous
Everything was luxurious.

Once alone with the prince
She said farewell to happiness
The cold in her bed was intense
Yet she was so quiet
Promising to keep the secret
Trying to manage her inner conflict.


As marriage was about proliferation
Her people never left her in peace
Asking urgently for a new prince
Became the community’s obsession
Faking happiness was her counter obsession

Suffering from gender prejudice
Her heart was torn apart

Leaving her decent position

Would be the simplest sacrifice

Yet alone she was unable to fight
Nor was she able to depart
A newly married girl asking for divorce
Would be on her family an eternal curse.


When seeds of hatred you sow

Winds of devil willingly blow

To condensate clouds of grudge

Wickedness on earth will grow

Between strangers and fellows

Human race you compel

To ring the war bell

And aggrandize the rage

That makes humans engage

In all types of damage

When seeds of love you sow

Winds of allodium willingly blow

To condensate clouds of patience

Rains of wisdom wash away ignorance

Trees of tolerance will grow

Peace on Earth to overshadow

Man will appreciate difference

And take diversity with lenience.

Houda Boukassoula

Essence of Life

Born without choosing gender or race
Struggling always for an equal chance
Born to add my print to this universe
Had to look for a chance in a better place
Born to work for a living
Still wondering why I’m living
Born to help someone memorise
Or replace someone in demise
Still looking for sunrise
Born to feed a heart with love
Still looking for a true love
Decided to worship the Almighty Creator
And ask Him not to let my life narrator
Mention my birth, brief life and death
Before I can see the truth in depth.

Houda Boukassoula

Loveless Life

Life is a granted gift not to be taken for granted
It is a short way between creation and demise
Life starts with a beating heart never selfish never bored
Never ceasing to work despite its little size
Providing the warmth body and soul are always looking for
Fighting the devilish thoughts urging a person to despise

Love’s an award from God to those who are determined
Not to be doomed to the material world or stay in it immersed
Love starts with a beating heart never ready to yield
A fundamental decision is to choose how to live
How to act as a protagonist in a play you try to realize
How to make your desire vanish into feelings you support
Love is a day- to-day need some souls are desperate for
A loveless life is nothing but a rootless tree
Never level-headed to hang one’s hopes on.

Houda Boukassoula


It started when, a glow,
In your eyes I saw
Made me take midnight for dawn
Maybe the smile hiding your grief
Made me desperately hope for relief
Maybe it was a mere childish belief
That parents should always agree
In your hand a suitcase, I didn’t see
I saw in the other a wet handkerchief
It was only when I felt your tears
Falling unwillingly on my cheeks
That I felt rising all my old fears
A friend of mine told the story in brief
He said that parents though mature
Are not always of their feelings sure
They can fall in love and even engage
Give birth to children, then suddenly change
After some monotony or a storm of rage
They let kids face life alone and at any age!

Divine Love

Darkness around me was prevailing

In my selfishness I was sinking

My soul was almost drowning

I saw a light glistening

As a drop of morning dew

Alleviating my pains that grew

Inside me as an ax that violently hew

Amidst the wreckage of my soul

Something brought salvation into view

When I first started knowing you

Divine love was slowly spreading

Along my heart and body too

Giving me wings with which I flew

In your space and breathed pure air anew.

Houda Boukassoula