When seeds of hatred you sow

Winds of devil willingly blow

To condensate clouds of grudge

Wickedness on earth will grow

Between strangers and fellows

Human race you compel

To ring the war bell

And aggrandize the rage

That makes humans engage

In all types of damage

When seeds of love you sow

Winds of allodium willingly blow

To condensate clouds of patience

Rains of wisdom wash away ignorance

Trees of tolerance will grow

Peace on Earth to overshadow

Man will appreciate difference

And take diversity with lenience.

Houda Boukassoula


Essence of Life

Born without choosing gender or race
Struggling always for an equal chance
Born to add my print to this universe
Had to look for a chance in a better place
Born to work for a living
Still wondering why I’m living
Born to help someone memorise
Or replace someone in demise
Still looking for sunrise
Born to feed a heart with love
Still looking for a true love
Decided to worship the Almighty Creator
And ask Him not to let my life narrator
Mention my birth, brief life and death
Before I can see the truth in depth.

Houda Boukassoula

Loveless Life

Life is a granted gift not to be taken for granted
It is a short way between creation and demise
Life starts with a beating heart never selfish never bored
Never ceasing to work despite its little size
Providing the warmth body and soul are always looking for
Fighting the devilish thoughts urging a person to despise

Love’s an award from God to those who are determined
Not to be doomed to the material world or stay in it immersed
Love starts with a beating heart never ready to yield
A fundamental decision is to choose how to live
How to act as a protagonist in a play you try to realize
How to make your desire vanish into feelings you support
Love is a day- to-day need some souls are desperate for
A loveless life is nothing but a rootless tree
Never level-headed to hang one’s hopes on.

Houda Boukassoula


It started when, a glow,
In your eyes I saw
Made me take midnight for dawn
Maybe the smile hiding your grief
Made me desperately hope for relief
Maybe it was a mere childish belief
That parents should always agree
In your hand a suitcase, I didn’t see
I saw in the other a wet handkerchief
It was only when I felt your tears
Falling unwillingly on my cheeks
That I felt rising all my old fears
A friend of mine told the story in brief
He said that parents though mature
Are not always of their feelings sure
They can fall in love and even engage
Give birth to children, then suddenly change
After some monotony or a storm of rage
They let kids face life alone and at any age!

Divine Love

Darkness around me was prevailing

In my selfishness I was sinking

My soul was almost drowning

I saw a light glistening

As a drop of morning dew

Alleviating my pains that grew

Inside me as an ax that violently hew

Amidst the wreckage of my soul

Something brought salvation into view

When I first started knowing you

Divine love was slowly spreading

Along my heart and body too

Giving me wings with which I flew

In your space and breathed pure air anew.

Houda Boukassoula

Spirit of the World

When you’re alone with no fellow around
Looking for a partner to soothe the sorrow
You keep suffering from, when you’re let down
You can walk in the dark and talk to a star
It will let the reassurance inside you grow
By communicating its companionship with a glimpse
Telling that you are a piece in a puzzle named universe
Tied together with a spiritual strength
When you’re lost and thirsty in the hot dry desert
You feel the fresh breeze whispering with insistence
That many plants and flowers may grow in a desert
Worshiping to help a bird feed and heat a nestling
Sacrificing their lives to disown materialist strength
And make the world believe in the spiritual strength
That the Almighty created the creatures to compromise
To bring together disoriented pieces in the puzzled universe.

Souls Are Aching

More souls are aching
As people are failing
To see their suffering
Lips keep distorting
What brains are thinking
Words aren’t missing
But hearts are faking
Never sensing a feeling
Fragrance is lacking
Despite the trimming
More souls are aching
For salvation looking
In vain they’re trying
To settle a meaning
In what is appearing
To be the prevailing
Significance of feeling.

Houda Boukassoula






You can’t be proud of whom you are?
Envying others you always dare?

Daydreaming while driving your car?
You kept longing for a star
Seeking happiness in the future
Regretting its lack in the past
For satisfaction you never ask
Have you specified your aim so far?
Speculating how your greed to mar
You were driving fast to the fair
To wake up stuck to a wheel chair
You are no longer who you were
With only two ways to head for
Daydreaming about who you were
Or believing in the new person you are
Ponder on your mirror reflection
Exploit your inner power with satisfaction
Make not others’ lives your aim
Lead YOUR life not a fictive pantomime.

Houda Boukassoula

Heart Chaos

Oh heart! Why do you want to say
That the secret you’d like to unveil
Is that you feel my love as a pain?
Weren’t you who have first beaten?
To announce your joy with its lying-in
Didn’t you prevent my brain from thinking?
Oh heart! Why don’t you admit today?
You’re the responsible for all this pain
Neither me nor my beloved are chaotic
Nor are we on confusion emphatic.

Houda Boukassoula


She, she, she,

She is the one who gives life

When a mother

She is the remedy to an ulcer

When a sister

She is the best at keeping secrets

When friend whisper

She is the twin soul

That adds a scent to a flower

Beautifying the realm

Of her lover

She, she, she,

Has no strength

But has enough power

To achieve her goals whatsoever

With much perseverance and endeavor.

Houda Boukassoula