A happy young girl
Was in her family a pearl
Dreamt of a white dress
To fulfill her happiness
The prince who liked her softness
Offered her to become his princess
Quickly her family showed acceptance
When the girl entered his palace
Her pleasure was tremendous
Everything was luxurious.

Once alone with the prince
She said farewell to happiness
The cold in her bed was intense
Yet she was so quiet
Promising to keep the secret
Trying to manage her inner conflict.


As marriage was about proliferation
Her people never left her in peace
Asking urgently for a new prince
Became the community’s obsession
Faking happiness was her counter obsession

Suffering from gender prejudice
Her heart was torn apart

Leaving her decent position

Would be the simplest sacrifice

Yet alone she was unable to fight
Nor was she able to depart
A newly married girl asking for divorce
Would be on her family an eternal curse.

Une réflexion sur “SHE WAS A HAPPY GIRL

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