Lost identity

Once upon a time

A pretty rural girl left home

To take part in a game

She thought will proudly lead her

To easy wealth and fame

All she thought will change

Was the way she dressed

The way she walked

And the way she talked

Never thinking it would change

The way she thought

Or the way she felt

Ignoring her siblings

When passing by

Unwilling to see her father

Before he dies

Stabbed her past with a sharp sword

Trying eagerly to change her world

Climbing the mountain

She was so proud

To the summit

She was bound

Resorting to facelift

When it was time

Losing the battle

Against the time

She knew the shame

In front of her mirror

She lost her face

With a distorted identity

She lost her dignity

Knowing no shelter

From the shame

But under that dome

She once called home

Arriving there

She saw a pool

Her mother dug

Around her home

And filled with tears like a fool

Not caring about

Losing her sight

When she got nearer

The blind mother called her

I can’t miss your smell

Soul of my soul

To come back to my lap

Swim in my pool

The only way

To wash your soul.


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